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27 Jun 2014
In winter, we can forget about cosmetics skin intensively matting. Warns expert, even on dry skin can cause dryness and dehydration, which may be the result of a breach of the lipid mantle too aggressive care.

Going to frost, we should not also apply to the last minute to face moisturizers - they may damage the protective layer of the skin, when they start to freeze - warns expert. Moisturizing creams leave for the night. Then our skin can take a break from oiling and bound water in the epidermis.
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In winter, you should also carefully plan the treatment. Perfect for this time of year are all therapies that improve the condition of the body and face. A series of injection lipolysis or mesotherapy lipolytic to trouble thighs , hips, arms , abdomen , and chin will be carried out in a comfortable environment

The site of injection in the winter can be easily masked clothing. Also, eliminating stretch marks treatments using fractional laser or mikronakĊ‚uwania should begin in the winter to enjoy the effects of the summer.
However, there are treatments that winter should not be done. These include the closure of dilated capillaries and reduce redness.
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Regardless of the technology (laser, electrocautery) for two weeks after the closing "spiders" should avoid sudden temperature changes in the frost at about -10 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, vaulted blood vessels can again be extended, and thus the effects of the surgery will be damaged


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